Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Much improved

Woohooo, my frock is finished!  Aaron has been at a holiday club the last two days, and I dropped both boys at the swimming pool yesterday afternoon, giving me a big chunk of time to sew.  I'm pleased with the result although it's far from perfect in many ways (especially the one armhole which is bigger than the other - how did that happen??).  I'll post it for judging in a week or two.
I was particularly pleased with the peter pan collar; I posted a FB update a few days ago referring to Granny's handkerchief - I do mean, quite literally, just that.  I used two unused hankies which belonged to my granny.  They fitted in well with the point of the dress, which was to recycle and  upcycle.  I kept a lot of the original dress - I loved the belt and buttons and pleats down the front, so the work was already largely done for me.
As part of the competition I have to send in a photo of the dress being worn, and since I know that many of my readers will ask for the same thing, I've included some pics here.  I know they're tiny, but use your imagination.  In the absence of my regular photographer who is currently in Palmerston North for a week of School of Theology, I employed Caleb and Aaron.  Aaron impressed me with some great shots, with just a little direction from me.  He spotted some of the locations and arranged me as he saw fit.  Caleb was the props-man who ate most of the bread we had intended for sea-gulls, and found little else to do other than hold the lens cap.  It was super fun!  Really enjoyed the amazing weather too - we're in for a few days of clear skies and mild nor'westers.

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