Saturday, May 25, 2013

Getting away

We took a day-trip to Dunedin with Andreas and Danielle today - largely to help with the logistics of bringing two vehicles back from there. One was their newly-acquired shiny red Pajero which they have bought to replace the bus, which has been to a very happy family ;) We left at 7 am, well before sunrise, so on one side of the bus we could watch the moon setting, and on the other side, the sun rising! The day turned out to be crisp and clear, a really beautiful day especially for Dunedin which suffers through its own special micro-climate of gloom and cloud. We stopped en-route at this gorgeous little Anglican church and had a good look around.
Brrr, chilly feet after traipsing through frosty grass!
Next quick stop was to view Port Chalmers and stretch our legs before continuing the winding descent to Dunedin.
After picking up the new car and meeting the interesting ex-owner who builds all-in-one horse-and-people campervans, we stopped for lunch.  It was a graduation day today so there were cars and people in gowns and caps everywhere.  Pity we couldn't catch the parade of bagpipers down the street!
Caleb discovered that his left-handed writing skills are poorly developed, following his broken arm on Wednesday (more about that in a separate post).
Back in Timaru around 4.30ish, then stopped in with the Bothas for a cup of coffee.  Andreas' brother Corne has arrived in Timaru for another visit from SA - good to say a quick hello to him too.  Turns out a day in Dunedin can be quite tiring!  Nick and the boys played a game of Scrabble before the boys turned their weary selves to bed.

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