Friday, August 24, 2012

Fun(ky) Day at TCS

The staff were starting to feel a little 'mid-termish' - run down, tired and in need of cheer. Two of the *younger* staffers decided that a Fun Day was in order, and so, with Principal's Approval, they organized a day of dress-up and house group challenges. The kids had to wear their house colours (red, blue, green or yellow) and dress back-to-front and inside-out; all the staff were neutral and wore all the colours - we looked marvellous! 
Technology challenge - building spaghetti and marshmallows towers (below); making a raincoat (above).
There were also chalk-drawing-story-telling activities happening outdoors; Room 4 housed a Quiz and in the hall there were some serious team-building challenges on the go.
After a lunch of hot chips and sausages we gathered in the library where the REAL FUN began - a "Fairly Fearsome Factor" for the teachers.  Mrs Rentoul had them eating delicious truffels (actually raw brussel sprouts covered in chocolate); melting ice-cubes with one foot dipped in ice water, eating dry weet-bix then whistling the National Anthem, applying make-up without a mirror, and fishing coins out of a soup of baked beans, mud, worms, water, cooked cold noodles, dishwashing liquid and some puffed rice.  Eeeeeeeeuww!
Poor Mrs Rentoul had no idea that we had a little something planned for her too - knowing her aversion to vegetables and most things healthy, we had her eat a tiny carrot, broccoli floret and brussel sprout.  We were laughing so hard at her expressions of disgust and genuine gagging we nearly fell over.  Well done to all the staff though for being such good sports!

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